Our childcare centres 'Knus Thuys' offer a safe,

secure, cosy second home to children, parents and

employees, in a professional and positive setting.

To us, working with children means working with our hearts and with compassion.

Childcare Knus Thuys,


We have purposely chosen to have small centres where parents and children will feel at home; where everyone knows one another; where we work with a sound approach on all fronts, especially with regards to all things pedagogic; and where knowledge and skills come together.


  • Warm organic meals, outside play, experiential learning;
  • A complete pedagogical package: the centre as a second home, satisfaction, focusing on talents, proactive in language development, the best employees (passionate about their jobs/mbo+/hbo) and working with themes;


  • Individual professional pedagogical/educational assistance for parents (on request);
  • Nanny service at home (in the future);
  • Quality innovations like the use of apps;
  • The use of hand puppets to help stimulate language and fantasy.

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Ga naar Pedagogiek voor meer informatie.
Ga naar Inschrijven en contact als u zich wilt inschrijven voor onze kinderdagverblijven.

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Our mission

'We want to contribute to the children's upbringing. Our goal is for children to become independent, stable, inquisitive, socially developed adults who are focused on the outside world and know they can depend on their own abilities. We will do everything we can to make sure you and your child will have a wonderful time at our daycare centre.'

Meer Informatie

Inschrijven is vrijblijvend en verplicht u tot niets.
Flexibele opvang: hele en halve dagen mogelijk.
Openingstijden van 8:00 - 18:00 uur.
Gunstige prijs van € 7,18.
Kindgericht: biologisch, buiten en beleven.
Deskundige medewerkers.