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Franchise at Knus Thuys

Knus Thuys offers people who want to start a business, the opportunity to open their own daycare centre, supported by a professional platform.
Starting your own business consists of hard work and taking risks. But with the successful support of KNUS THUYS, you limit those risks as much as possible. Because, from the start, you will be supported by people who already work in, or for, this type of business. If you would like to run your own KNUS THUYS daycare centre, we can help you right from the beginning.

Our vision of daycare is based on our belief in a child’s innate strengths and talents. We embrace our three pillars: organic warm meals, outside play (min. 1 hour each day), and experiential learning.

We work with an integral pedagogic package. For more information, see Pedagogic Practice

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