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Who are we?

We are three people who have joined forces to create KNUS THUYS. An educational specialist working in the field of childcare and the owners of a financial consultancy agency with a large number of clients and an extensive network.

This way we bring various disciplines together: pedagogic practice, management, strategy, development, training, entrepreneurial questions, bookkeeping, and salary administration. We can vouch for years of experience and knowledge. We would like to share this knowledge with others. After all, together we stand strong.

What do we have to offer?

A detailed (pedagogic) concept:

Warm organic meals, outside play, experiential learning;

A complete pedagogic package: the centre as a second home, satisfaction, focusing on talents, proactive in language development, the best employees (passionate about their jobs/mbo+/hbo (intermediate/higher vocational education)) and working with themes;


  • 40 hours of free coaching before you start
  • Handbook Franchise and Plan Of Action (tools, concrete examples)
  • Handbook Pedagogic Practice and Plan Of Action (tools, concrete examples)
  • Handbook Protocols
  • Set of standard forms
  • Handbook Staff
  • Website centrally managed
  • A network and professional coaching
  • Yearly audits
  • Individual professional pedagogic/educational assistance for parents (at extra cost)
  • Nanny service at home (in the future, at extra cost)
  • Quality innovations like the use of apps
  • The use of hand puppets to help stimulate language development

Additional subjects for which we can offer coaching
√ Support for dealing with the bank
√ An analysis of the area of coverage
√ Drawing up an investment model, and an exploitation and liquidity estimate of the daycare centre
√ Entrepreneurial questions: legal form of your business, strategy etc.
√ Support for the recruiting of clients
√ Support for setting up a website (not the actual building of a website)
√ Analysis of the location for renovation
√ The first inspection by the fire department & GGD (help with all the necessary paperwork)
√ Advice on risk inventory
√ Setting up the staff roster
√ Setting up the administration for the GGD, planning amount of children, employees (files)
√ Training of employees
√ Management coaching
√ Implementing the pedagogic vision, sets of protocols, staff handbook or other documents
√ Advice on a plan of action
√ Performing an audit: company scan (mandatory)
√ Taking care of the contracts with parents for planning of the amount of children, right from the start (the complete planning)
√ Coaching of staff, or video interaction training
√ Employee administration (salary slips, contracts)
√ Parent Advisory Committee
√ Help with problems
√ Performing customer satisfaction survey and NCKO-research incl. analysis.
√ Ad interim