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Intake procedure (after registration and a tour of our daycare centre)

If your child has been placed in our daycare centre, you, the parent(s)/carer(s) will be invited for an intake meeting. During this intake meeting, you will receive information about the general policies of our daycare centre. We will also agree on the practicalities of your child’s settling-in period at our daycare centre, if possible, before the agreed start date of the contract.

The most important thing is that children and parents feel welcome. We make sure that there is enough time to say goodbye to your child and enough time for parents and daycare staff to provide each other with the necessary information. Parents can have a cup of coffee or tea, and stay for a while to read a book or play a game with their child, before saying goodbye. When you are ready to leave, we will say goodbye together with your child. It depends on your child, how you would like this to happen.

Settling-in period

The settling-in period consists of a maximum of 4 days (on the days that your child will be attending the daycare centre), and your child will stay at the centre progressively longer each day. This way, children, parents and daycare staff will have enough time to get used to the new situation and to each other. You will be assigned a settling-in coach, a specific person at the daycare centre who will answer all your questions.

  • The 1st settling in day is from 10.00 – 11.00 together with the parent.
  • The 2nd settling in day is from 10.00 – 11.00 without the parent.
  • The 3rd settling in day is from 10.00 – 12.00 without the parent.
  • The 4th settling in day is from 10.00 – 15.30 without the parent.

After the settling-in period

Six weeks after the intake meeting, we will conduct an evaluation, in which we discuss how well the child and the parents have settled in. These talks are aimed mainly at the well-being of the child and the parents.

Caregiver-parent communication

Good communication provides the child with safety and structure, and the parent with the confidence that we will take good care of their child. Parents also like to be kept informed about the development of their child. That is why we inform them how their child has spent and experienced his or her day.

Parents and daycare staff provide each other with information about the child. It is essential that different staff members communicate well with each other, but also that staff members communicate well with parents.

Specific agreements are recorded in the group folder. At pick-up time, parents receive a (written) report of their child’s day.

For the babies, during the day, we write down practical information about eating, drinking and sleeping. A daycare staff member will also describe what your child’s day was like. For toddlers the emphasis is on the development of the child and less on the caretaking activities, unless something noteworthy happened.

Daycare staff should receive an appropriate amount of information about the children, should be familiar with the children and in general should treat the children in the ways described in the pedagogic vision.

Don’t hesitate to talk to us, should you have any questions. We like to keep you informed.

Growth book

Every child will receive a growth book. The daycare staff will regularly write something in this book about the child’s interests, activities and the friends he/she has. The book will also contain photos and projects the child made. The growth book follows each child through his time at the daycare centre and will be given to the parents.

Requesting extra days of daycare

Incidentally, you might need daycare on a day that is not in your contractual agreement. You can request an extra day using a form. We will evaluate your request based on the staff-to-child ratio. You will receive a written reply to your request. The extra days your child attends our centre will be invoiced in the next month.

Exchanging days

Occasionally (with a maximum of 3 x per year) it is possible to exchange daycare days, again provided the staff-to-child ratio is not compromised. For example: in your contract, you have agreed on one day, but in a particular week, you would rather have a different day. Please let us know, one week in advance, so we can check if this is possible. Exchanging days is only possible within one month. It is not necessary to sign any forms for exchanging days.

Newsletter and Parents’ Evening

You will receive a quarterly newsletter with information about KNUS THUYS. Yearly, we organise an evening in which we discuss a parenting theme.


At least twice a year, the daycare staff will observe you child. They will look more closely at the child’s wellbeing. These observations form the basis for the yearly parents’ meetings. Yearly we meet with parents for a more in-depth talk about their child/children. At the end of the contract, we will organise a final meeting.


Every year we conduct a customer satisfaction survey. The owner initiates this survey. The results are published in the newsletter.


If you have any complaints, you can always come to us. You can approach daycare staff or management with any question or comment you might have. We have complaint forms available.

We are also a member of the Dutch Foundation for Consumer Complaints Boards, a committee for grievances and complaints in childcare.
Parent Advisory Committee
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KNUS THUYS complies with all the rules and regulations of the Dutch Childcare Act and related regulations. The inspectorate of the GGD (Area Health Authority) yearly inspects the daycare centre to check if the centre complies with the terms of the inspectorate, including any implemented action plans for health and safety risk inventory. The inspectorate’s report, the health and safety risk inventory, the house rules, protocols and action plans, are all available at the centre for you perusal.

A link to the inspection report can be found here on the website: Click here