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We work with an integral pedagogic package:

  • We offer the children a second home with caring professionals,
  • It is our priority to keep parents, children and child care staff satisfied,
  • We cultivate the children’s talents by offering them encouragement and special moments in which to develop their talents,
  • We focus on language by reading to the children (supported by the use of puppets),
  • We provide the best professionals (who have a passion for child care and mbo+/hbo education (intermediate/higher vocational education))
  • We work with themes, such as the seasons and similarities versus differences.


  • Individual professional pedagogic/educational assistance for parents (at extra cost);
  • Nanny service at home (in the future),
  • Quality innovations like the use of apps.

Our mission

We would like to contribute to the children’s upbringing. Our goal is for children to become independent, stable, inquisitive adults with well-developed social skills, who focus on the outside world and know they can depend on their own abilities. We will do everything we can to make sure you and your child will have a wonderful time at our daycare centre.

The basis of our vision of daycare is formed by our belief in a child’s innate strengths and talents. We embrace our three pillars, namely:

  • Warm organic meals

We serve warm organic meals, organic bread, fruit and sandwich fillings. If a child requires a special diet, we will discuss with the parents how we can arrange this. The parents will provide the food; the daycare centre contributes in the costs. We have a no sweets policy: We don´t serve sweets/candy.

  • Outside play: every day the children play outside for a minimum of 1 hour.

Through playing outside, children learn how to handle risks within safe boundaries. It contributes to their safety to be able to have control over their bodies, and consequently their motor development. How do I keep my balance? Outside play is also stimulating for cognitive tasks, like investigating your surroundings, being creative and independently solving problems. If I do this, what happens next? What happens when I mix water and sand? Children learn to discover things in a natural way. Nowadays, children are sometimes sent to a special training course to learn how to fall. Now that doesn’t sound like natural development, does it?

Experiential learning: allowing children to experience the world. Below, you will find an example from the pedagogic vision. We have also created a version for toddlers and pre-schoolers.